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What are the 3 layers of soil starting from the highest to the lowest?
a) bedrock, topsoil, subsoil
b) subsoil, bedrock, topsoil
c) topsoil, subsoil, bedrock
d) subsoil, topsoil, bedrock

What causes a sedimentary or igneous rock to turn into a metamorphic rock?
a) weathering and erosion
b) heat and pressure
c) melting
d) none of the above

What causes a metamorphic or igneous rock to turn into a sedimentary rock?
a) weathering and erosion
b) melting
c) heat and pressure
d) none of the above

How do you describe or compare rocks?
a) size and shape
b) color and texture
c) hardness and patterns
d) all the above

How does weathering break up rocks?
a) By sleet, snow, sunshine and hail.
b) By water, wind, plant's roots, and chemicals.
c) By glaciers and earthquakes.
d) None of the above.

How does erosion move rocks?
a) wind, water, other rocks, glaciers, earthquakes, and heavy rains
b) chemicals
c) plant's roots
d) different types of weather

What are nonliving resources?
a) minerals and humans
b) humans and puppies
c) cats and dogs
d) minerals and rocks

Which word might help you remember how igneous rocks form and why?
a) ignore, because igneous rocks are the least important form of rock
b) iguana, because igneous rocks are only found in deserts
c) ignite, because igneours rocks form in fire and heat
d) none of the above

Elements form --- and minerals form ---.
a) Elements form minerals and minerals form rocks.
b) Elements form atoms and minerals form rocks.
c) Elements form particles and minerals form rocks.
d) Elements form nothing and minerals form rocks.

What causes a sedimentary or metamorphic rock to turn into an igneous rock?
a) heat and pressure
b) weather and erosion
c) melting
d) none of the above

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