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Mountain ranges form at this type of plate boundary
a) Divergent
b) slip-strike
c) spreading
d) Convergent

In this type of plate boundary, the plates move away from one another
a) divergent
b) convergent
c) desert
d) mountain

The San Andreas fault in California is an example of this type of plate boundary
a) Fracture or slip strike
b) divergent or spreading
c) convergent or colliding
d) seafloor spreading

The area where two plates meet is called...
a) slip-strike
b) sonar
c) plate boundary
d) gap

Why do the Himalaya Mountains continue rising?
a) plates are colliding with each other
b) plates are spreading apart
c) seafloor spreading is occuring
d) gravity pulls them up

Subduction is when ...
a) one plate is pulled under another
b) two plates are moving apart
c) mountain ranges are forming
d) new crust is forming

Earthquakes are created from
a) movement of tectonic plates
b) earth\'s rotation
c) gravity
d) volcanoes erupting

The movement of magma in the mantle,in which hot magma rises and cool magma sinks is called
a) convection
b) radiation
c) lava
d) boiling

The part of the earth that is broken into plates is called the
a) lithosphere
b) crust
c) asthenosphere
d) mantle

Earth\'s tectonic plates float on
a) the ocean
b) the inner core
c) the outer core
d) the mantle

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