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The main function of a leaf is
a) anchoring a plant
b) producing food through photosynthesis
c) reproduction
d) carrying food and water to the plant

The plant structures that control the exchange of gases into and out of a leaf are the
a) roots
b) stomata
c) epidermis
d) anthers

A plant that has adaptations which include extensive roots, reduced leaves, and thick stems that can store water is probably living in a (an)
a) rainforest
b) tundra
c) desert
d) deciduous forest

The male part of the flower is called the
a) style
b) pistil
c) stigma
d) stamen

What part of the plant carries water and minerals UP the plant?
a) phloem
b) xylem
c) leaves
d) bark

What part of the flower keeps the pollen from blowing away?
a) stamen
b) style
c) stigma
d) ovary

What part of the plant carries food DOWN the plant?
a) phloem
b) xylem
c) roots
d) bark

During the process of photosynthesis, the two end or by-products include:
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) cardon dioxide and water
c) water and carbon dioxide
d) oxygen and glucose

Tissue that carries food and water is called
a) nonvascular tissue
b) vascular tissue
c) merestematic tissue
d) transportive tissue

Which of these characteristics might help a plant species survive in an area with limited sunlight?
a) Bright flowers
b) large leaves
c) thick cuticles
d) short stems

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