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What is the name of a solid note with a stem that gets one beat of sound?
a) quarter note
b) half note
c) eighth note
d) sixteenth note

Music that is spooky or sad is usually in a _____ key.
a) Minor
b) Complex
c) Serious
d) Major

Music that tells a story or describes a picture is called _____________.
a) program music
b) orchestra music
c) minor music
d) major music

"Every Good Boy Does Fine" helps us remember the treble clef ____________
a) line notes
b) space notes
c) low notes
d) high notes

F-A-C-E- are the letter names of the ___________ of the treble clef.
a) space notes
b) line notes
c) low notes
d) high notes

We use the treble clef staff to read __________.
a) high notes
b) notes for string bass
c) low notes
d) notes for tuba

Four sixteenth notes fit on ___________.
a) one beat
b) 4 beats
c) 2 beats
d) no beats

One whole note lasts for
a) four beats
b) 3 beats
c) two beats
d) one beat

A quarter rest equals
a) 1 beat
b) 0 beats
c) 2 beats
d) 4 beats

A triplet fits _____ notes on one beat.
a) three
b) two
c) four
d) five

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