To Kill A Mockingbird Ch 16 And More Question Preview (ID: 27366)

TKAM 16.[print questions]

Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond?
a) A drunk white man who had an affair with a black woman and has mixed children
b) The editor of the Maycomb Tribune.
c) The owner of the hardware store the lynch mob bought rope from.
d) A black man that was on trial for a different case last week.

What do we learn about Atticus and his defending Tom in this chapter?
a) The town drew straws and Atticus chose the short one, and was angry at first that he had to defend Tom.
b) Atticus was appointed to be Tom's lawyer, and did not choose it, but is still going to try hard to win.
c) Tom hand picked Atticus to be his lawyer because he knew that he would try to win for him.
d) Atticus did not want to be Tom's lawyer because he knew it was going to be a lost cause.

Scout and Jem notice what about the jury?
a) The jury is made up of mostly men, but some women, but they are all white, meaning Tom does not have a chance.
b) The jury is mostly all white farmers, meaning they have low education, low class, and are probably racist.
c) The jury consists of men and women from all races, meaning it will be a close decision for Tom.
d) The jury is all white men except for Helen, Tom's wife.

Jem asks Miss Maudie if she is going to watch the court case. She says no, because it is like a carnival. What does this mean?
a) By saying this, Miss Maudie means that the court case is just a big joke since people pay to watch.
b) Miss Maudie would rather work in her garden than watch this type of court case.
c) She knows the court case has to go on, but they don't have to sell popcorn to the attendees.
d) Even though she knows the case needs to be public to be fair, she thinks it makes the whole thing into a circus.

''But around here, once you have a drop of Negro in your blood, that makes you all ______.''
a) Evil
b) White
c) Pure
d) Black

Who was the first witness called to the stand?
a) Heck Tate
b) Mr. Underwood
c) Tom Robinson
d) Eula May Ewell

What theme works best with Atticus defending Tom to his best abilities even though others do not want him to?
a) Racism
b) Good versus Evil
c) Growing Up
d) Education

Which character most closely relates to the mixed children, being outcast because they are unknown?
a) Dill
b) Atticus
c) Boo
d) Scout

What theme works best with most of the lynch mob consisting of Cunninghams and Ewells?
a) Education
b) Courage
c) Good versus Evil
d) Innocence

What theme works best to Atticus defending Calpurnia to his sister?
a) Education
b) Good versus Evil
c) Racism
d) Growing Up

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