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Who does Scout talk to at the jail, convincing him to leave and not hurt Tom?
a) Boo Radley
b) Heck Tate
c) Bob Ewell
d) Walter Cunningham

Jem stands up to Atticus demanding to stay at the jail, even though he is told to go home. What theme best fits this scenario?
a) Courage
b) Education
c) Innocence
d) Good versus Evil

A group of men come up to the Finch house one night to talk about all of the following EXCEPT
a) Taking revenge on the Ewell family
b) A change of venue for the trial
c) A possible execution for Tom Robinson
d) Moving Tom to the county jail

Why does Atticus go and sit in front of the jail to read?
a) Heck Tate needed help defending Tom from the town.
b) He is discussing trial information with Tom.
c) He is protecting Tom from a lynch mob.
d) The lighting is better over there.

What do Jem and Scout find under the bed?
a) Dill
b) A snake
c) a pickle
d) Boo Radley

Dill tells Scout he ran away because his parents didn't pay him any attention. Scout is curious about Boo, and asks why he doesn't run off too. How does Dill respond?
a) Dill says that Boo and him are similar people, and but Boo is too afraid to run.
b) He explains that maybe Boo will run away one day, he just needs courage first.
c) He says that Boo would never run because he is happy scaring people inside.
d) He explains that maybe Boo doesn't have anywhere else to run to.

What theme relates to Scout asking Atticus what rape is?
a) Family
b) Good versus Evil
c) Racism
d) Growing Up/Innocence

''You've got to face it sooner or later and it might as well be tonight. We don't need her now.'' Who is the ''her'' Alexandra is referring to?
a) Miss Caroline
b) Calpurnia
c) Scout
d) Miss Maudie

What does Alexandra demand Atticus tell the children?
a) To lecture them on being proper Finches, and to behave like a good little girl and courteous gentleman.
b) She wants Atticus to teach them about the ways of Christians, and to start doing more service.
c) To instruct them to start staying home from school and learning the way the original Finches learned.
d) She wants him to tell them that she will be staying with them for a few years until they get their act straight.

When the children returned from church with Cal, ________ was sitting on the porch waiting.
a) Heck Tate
b) Dill
c) Atticus
d) Aunt Alexandra

How could Aunt Alexandra be described?
a) Kind hearted, motherly, a good cook, tender.
b) Stuck up, wants to appear better than she is, rude, impolite, bigot
c) Greedy, rude, a mean sister, girly, attentive, smart, funny.
d) Sweet, girly, funny, welcoming, loving, smart.

What does Reverend Sykes take up collection for?
a) To build an addition to the church.
b) To cover the costs of Tom Robinson's defense.
c) To pay for Mayella's medical bills.
d) To provide for the needs of the Robinson family.

Scout notices what about Calpurnia's church?
a) It was well decorated, lots of posters and paintings, the hymn books were newer than at their church, and had a large choir.
b) It did not have a ceiling, it wasn't painted, there weren't any instruments or hymn books, pews were pine, and it was dark.
c) The church was the same as their church, only they were not allowed to use the upstairs, but only the dingy basement.
d) The church was actually just a person's house.

Lula reacts negatively to Calpurnia bringing the white children to church. Why?
a) Lula does not trust white people as they are mostly all racist and against African Americans.
b) Lula cannot stand having new people come to her church, as she is the reverend and decides who is welcome.
c) Lula thinks Calpurnia is trying to be someone that she is not, and does not welcome her.
d) Lula hates children and believes they should stay at home or learn religion elsewhere.

Since Jem is now ______, he becomes ''inconsistent, difficult to live with, and moody.''
a) 10
b) 14
c) 12
d) 9

At the end of chapter 11, how does Mrs. Dubose finish her relationship with Jem?
a) Mrs. Dubose dies free from her addiction, and gives Jem a white camellia flower, forgiving him for his mistakes. He is happy.
b) Mrs. Dubose thanks Jem for all that he has done, and Jem continues to read to Mrs. Dubose in return for gardening tips.
c) Mrs. Dubose dies from her addiction, and does not forgive anyone if they crossed her. leaving angry messages in her will.
d) Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose until she softly dies in her sleep, and she leaves him a note saying she is the kids' grandma.

Jem was instructed to read to Mrs. Dubose for two hours every day (except Sunday) for a month as punishment. Why does Mrs. Dubose choose this?
a) She wants to help Jem become more like his daddy by becoming more educated, defending those different than him.
b) By the time Jem finishes reading to Mrs. Dubose, it helps her withdrawal from the drug, morphine. She is trying to be cured.
c) Mrs. Dubose had a son once, and was feeling lost without him, so having Jem around brought back memories.
d) Mrs. Dubose had a difficult time learning to read, so the more Jem read to her, it helped her learn, but privately.

Because Mrs. Dubose insulted Atticus's choice to defend African Americans, how did Jem respond?
a) He took out his anger on Scout and Dill.
b) Jem ran up to her porch and ripped down all of the mockingbird feeders.
c) He stomped around in her garden and poked holes in all the fruit.
d) He took Scout's baton and ruined all of the camellia's in her garden.

''A soft husky voice came from the darkness above: 'They gone?''' Who said this?
a) Boo Radley
b) Tom Robinson
c) Dill
d) Jem

Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond?
a) A white man in Maycomb that has many mixed children from black women, and is outcast from the town.
b) The editor for the Maycomb Tribune.
c) The owner of the hardware store where they lynch mob bought their rope.
d) A black man who welcomed the kids to watch the case from the balcony.

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