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What is the name of the narrator?
a) Jack
b) Simeon
c) Russel
d) We don't know his name.

What is the name of the narrator's long-lost love?
a) Hildore
b) Megore
c) Lenore
d) Sarah

What is the only word/phrase the Raven ever says throughout the poem?
a) Nevermore
b) Begone
c) Forgotten lore
d) Four score

What does 'Obeisance' mean?
a) A nod to your friend
b) An island in Greek mythology
c) A gesture of respect
d) A large breakfast platter, usually served with oatmeal

Where does the Raven perch itself?
a) A bust of Pallas
b) A bust of Odysius
c) A bust of Zeus
d) A bust of Hades

Where did the raven go at the end of the poem?
a) It flew back out the window it came through
b) It walked out the door to the library
c) It sat upon the narrator's head
d) It never moved from the bust.

What does the word 'Pallid' mean?
a) Brightly shining, full of life
b) Lacking color, pale
c) A large bust, usually made of granite
d) This isn't a real word

What is the narrator reading at the beginning of the poem?
a) Lenore's diary
b) Forgotten lore
c) The Illiad
d) Catcher in the Rye

What is the narrator's relationship with the Raven?
a) He hated it from the moment he met it.
b) He adored it from the moment he met it.
c) He doesn't have any feelings towards this Raven whatsoever.
d) At first he enjoyed its company, but grew to hate it in the end.

Which of the following illustrates the narrator's fall to madness throughout the poem?
a) He opens the door and nothing is outside.
b) He still laments his lost love after all these years.
c) He burns down his own house to rid of the Raven.
d) He talks to a wall for a majority of the poem.

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