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What function adds a range of cells?
a) =max(A1:A8)
b) =add(A1:A8)
c) =average(A1:A8)
d) =sum(A1:A8)

What option applies a format to cells based on certain criteria?
a) Conditional formatting
b) Sort
c) Freeze panes
d) Formatting

This graph shows how one part compares to the whole.
a) column graph
b) line graph
c) pie graph
d) scatter graph

A group of cells used in a formula.
a) range
b) function
c) column
d) row

This option keeps the first row in place as you scroll around a spreadsheet.
a) Split window
b) Freeze panes
c) Auto fill
d) Wrap text

Excel spreadsheets use this file format.
a) .doc
b) .pdf
c) .psd
d) .xls

This is an example of an absolute reference.
a) $A12
b) $A$12
c) A$12
d) A12

How do you show formulas in an Excel spreadsheet?
a) Control +
b) Control -
c) Control #
d) Control ~

Dividing the Word screen into two panes that you can scroll independently is...
a) mail merge
b) split window
c) column break
d) text wrap

What is SmartArt?
a) A graphic that applies a title style to the document.
b) A graphic that is darker than the text around it.
c) A graphic that links to a web page.
d) A graphic that visually represents the information in the document.

Word Processing documents can be saved as which file type?
a) .docx
b) .pdf
c) .rtf
d) all of the above

A list of items that uses numbers, letters, and/or roman numerals.
a) Bullet list
b) Numbered list
c) Multi-level list
d) Word list

In a hanging indent used for a bibliography, the second line is...
a) at the margin
b) indented 1/2 inch
c) indented 1 inch

WordArt is text that has a style applied to it and looks like a graphic.
a) True
b) False

Formatting characteristics that can be applied to text in a document.
a) Style
b) Query
c) Filter
d) Spell check

To quickly go to another place in a large document, you could create a...
a) Table
b) Hyperlink
c) Theme
d) Tab

How can you format the same document in 2 different styles?
a) Insert an endnote.
b) Insert a footnote.
c) Insert a continuous section break.
d) Insert a hanging indent.

You can control where a new page begins by using a...
a) hanging indent
b) footnote
c) column break
d) hard page break

What is a header?
a) Text that appears at the bottom of every page in the document.
b) Text that appears at the top of every page in the document.
c) Larger text, such as a title.
d) A style of text.

Allows you to view specific rows in a spreadsheet while hiding the other rows.
a) Data, Sort
b) Data, Filter
c) Data, Format
d) Data, Group

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