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What are a Series of Steps that scientist follow to solve everyday problems
a) Scientific Method
b) Processes
c) Science reasons
d) Independent study

What is a testable explanation or possible answer to the question
a) Hypothesis
b) Independent variable
c) Control
d) Variable

This is when you testing hypothesis by collecting information under controlled conditions
a) collection
b) data
c) Experiment
d) control

factor or condition that affects the outcome of the experiment
a) control
b) Dependet variable
c) Variable
d) Independent Variable

factor or condition that results from changes in the independent variable
a) control group
b) Dependent variable
c) experimental group
d) change factor

parts or procedures of the experiment that are the same ex. Amounts of water given to both plants with and without fertilizer ex. Time, temperature, and amount of fertilizer given
a) Constants
b) groups
c) variable
d) Independent study

Information obtained from investigations (experiments) a. Graphs / drawings / diagrams / tables / figures / pictures / chart
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) Data
d) control

an explanation of a natural phenomenon (observable fact) that is supported by a large body of scientific evidence from a hypotheses that has been separately observed and tested by other scientists.
a) Theory
b) data
c) conclusion
d) fact

: the application of scientific research to society’s needs and problems
a) technology
b) energy
c) time
d) distance

You make this using the 5 senses
a) observation
b) conclusion
c) think
d) data

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