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'Sweltering by anyone's standards.' An ANTONYM for sweltering is
a) cool
b) hot
c) foggy
d) windy

'He was white as a vampire and almost as testy in the light of day.' Testy means
a) easy going
b) helpful
c) easily angered or irritated
d) very hungry for bloody meats

'...on the word of Butler's informant.' An informant is
a) someone who publishes newspaper articles
b) someone who always writes in secret codes
c) someone who maintains library files
d) someone who reveals facts about people or organizations

'But this was just his daily pessimism.' A person who is pessimistic...
a) is hopeful and cheery.
b) is filled with negativity, doom, and dread.
c) expects things to improve.
d) looks at things scientifically and draws mathematical conclusions.

'...snap a man's backbone like a twig with those mammoth hands.' In this sentence, mammoth means
a) a large, prehistoric bird
b) very large in size
c) grey and hairy in appearance
d) like a reptile

'...made all the more excruciating by the anticipation...' Excruciating means
a) made especially pleasant so you look forward to it
b) made neat and orderly
c) made hard to understand
d) made very painful or extremely unpleasant

'...urchins threaded their way underfoot...' Threaded means
a) to pass a thin fiber through cloth using a needle
b) to push a lace into a boot or shoe
c) to carefully select a narrow path when moving through a crowd
d) to walk up a sidewalk with arms linked to block the path

' more consorting with the sons of European crime lords.' The OPPOSITE of consorting is
a) to work on one's own
b) to work in a group
c) to pay a fee to
d) to conquer with diplomacy

'Aversion to light, check.' When someone has an aversion to something, they
a) cannot get enough of it to the point of excess.
b) they put up with it to make their parents happy.
c) they love the smell and feel of it.
d) they seek to avoid it; they do not like it.

Artemis describes the addicted fairy as pathetic. Pathetic means
a) sick
b) worthy of pity
c) smaller than expected for her age
d) more powerful than usual

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