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Skin Anatomy.[print questions]

What are the two main layers of the skin?
a) true skin and fake skin
b) upper and lower skin
c) thick skin and thin skin
d) epidermis and dermis

What system are we studying?
a) skeletal
b) integumentary
c) muscular
d) tissue

What is the main function of the skin?
a) to produce heat
b) to allow you to move
c) to cover and protect
d) to sweat

What is the role of the nonliving part?
a) To keep bad things from getting in
b) to feel stuff
c) to flake off
d) to hold you together

What is the role of the living part?
a) to keep bad stuff from getting in
b) to maintain homeostasis
c) to transport messages
d) to protect

What part of the skin do you see?
a) epidermis
b) dermis

What type of tissue is the epidermis made of?
a) Simple squamous epithelial tissue
b) stratified squamous epithelial tissue
c) simple keratanized squamous epithelial tissue
d) stratified keratanized squamous epithelial tissue

Why doesn't the epidermis bleed?
a) Can't cut through it
b) has no blood vessels
c) is on the inside
d) not living

What are the two main layers of the epidermis?
a) upper and lower layer
b) stratum corneum and stratum germinativum
c) corneum and germinativum

Where can you find the stratum corneum?
a) lower part of epidermis
b) upper part of epidermis
c) lower part of dermis
d) upper part of epidermis

Where can you find the stratum germinativum
a) upper part of epidermis
b) lower part of epidermis
c) upper part of dermis
d) lower part of dermis

What are defensins?
a) Little molecules that attack bad things.
b) Little molecules that attack your immune system.

What tissue is the dermis made of?
a) Irregular fibrous tissue
b) regular fibrous tissue
c) elastic tissue
d) cartilage

Why do you get blisters?
a) wearing new shoes
b) being a baby
c) the epidermis and dermis separate

Why is hair considered part of the dermis?
a) thats the only place it is found
b) thats were it originates and grows
c) it isn't
d) i don't know

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