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Tanks, submarines and machine guns all emerged during what war?
a) A. World War I
b) B. Russian Revolution
c) C. World War II
d) D. Cold War

Christopher Columbus was sent by ______________ to find a westerly route to Asia
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) France

Why did European nations build huge militaries in the early 1900s?
a) to put unemployed people to work
b) to avoid being colonized
c) to protect and expand their empires
d) to protect trade routes

Europeans wanted to build new empires for the following reasons EXCPET
a) they wanted to spread Christianity.
b) they wanted new spices and goods
c) they thought that they could enslave the people of the African countries
d) they wanted new land for trade profit.

Imperialism is
a) a region where only one imperial power had the right to invest or to trade
b) too much pride in one’s country
c) allowing a colony to have a local ruler, but controlling the military.
d) a type of relationship between countries in which one nation controls the government or the economy of another nation.

What was the immediate cause of World War I?
a) The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
b) Germany wanted the land that the United Kingdom had in Africa
c) Russia thought that France had too much power.
d) The assassination of Queen Victoria

Prince Henry helped Portugal become a leader in exploration. All of the following are reasons EXCEPT
a) his support of navigation education
b) opening a school for explorers to learn about navigation.
c) that he was the son on the king of Portugal.
d) that he was well dressed compared to other explorers.

Which of these statements best explains what the Treaty of Versailles did?
a) It placed the blame for the war on Austria-Hungary
b) Great Britain could now keep all of its colonies
c) Italy was forced to give up some of its territory.
d) It made Germany take full responsibility for the war.

Which countries had an alliance during World War I?
a) France, Germany, and Switzerland
b) Spain, France, and Switzerland
c) Serbia, Austria-Hungary, and France
d) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire

When Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean, he called the people living there “Indians.” Where did he think he had landed?
a) the Caribbean
b) China
c) the African Coast
d) India

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