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When electors met to vote for president in 1789, who won and how?
a) Thomas Jefferson by a unanimous vote
b) John Adams by one vote
c) George Washington by a unanimous vote
d) George Washington by one vote

Who was the first vice president?
a) Thomas Jeferson
b) Henry Knox
c) Edmund Randolph
d) John Adams

Which of the following is a member of Washington's cabinet correctly listed?
a) Thomas Jefferson: Secretary of State
b) Alexander Hamilton: Secretary of Treasury
c) Henry Know: Secretary of War
d) All of the Above

Who was the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court?
a) John Jay
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which of the following was an aspect of Hamilton's Economic Plan?
a) Expand to the West
b) Eliminate all trade with foreign countries and eliminate exports
c) Take on all debts from the Revolutionary War from both the states and the national government
d) Reduce the amount of money that each president is allowed to collect in a year

What was one of the types of taxes that Hamilton proposed?
a) Excise tax on liquor, sugar, snuff, and carriages
b) Tariff on exported goods
c) Not allowing taxes on production of whiskey
d) Excise tax on stamps, tea, and coffe

Where did Washington chose to put the Federal City?
a) On the James River
b) On the Pacific Ocean
c) On the Mississippi River
d) On the Potomac River

Who was chosen to design the Federal City?
a) Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Banneker
b) Pierre Charles L'Enfant and Benjamin Banneker
c) Paul Revere and Pierre Charles L'Enfant
d) Benjamin Banneker and James Madison

What were the two political parties at this time?
a) Democrats and Republicans
b) Federalists and AntiFederalits
c) Liberal and Conservative
d) Democratic- Republicans and Federalists

Why did Washington believe it was important to remain neutral?
a) He was convinced that to remain neutral you had to pray everyday
b) He was convinced by Abraham Lincoln to remain neutral
c) He was convinced that the future of growth and prosperity for the US depended on remaining neutral
d) He was not convinced that it was necessary to remain neutral because he thought wealth could be gained from getting involved

How many terms did George Washington serve as president?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Instead of declaring war the U.S. Congress did all of the following EXECPT:
a) Cut off trade with France
b) Paid the French diplomats the bribe they requested
c) Authorized building warships and allowed the U.S. Navy to capture French Vessels at Sea
d) Cancelled wartime treaties with pre-revolutionary France

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