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Copyright is
a) Legal right to your creative work
b) The exclusive right for others to sell your creative work
c) The name of a product or service
d) Owned by an independent contractor

Types of work that are not copyright protected
a) Catchwords/phrases
b) Artwork
c) Music
d) Websites

What is copyright infringement?
a) When one attempts to copy, distribute, display, or transmit the protected works of copyright owner without permission
b) When you intend to use the creative works
c) You can take portions of a copyright owners work and pass it off as your own
d) When you provide exclusive rights to creator to protect their work

The Fair Use Doctrine is
a) When you can use portions of copyrighted work without permission
b) To promote creativity
c) To allow teachers to make copies for all students in junior high
d) When you intend to use creative works

The difference between ethics and computer ethics is
a) Following rules on the computer
b) Following rules that you want to on the computer
c) We don’t have rules for the computer
d) There is no difference

As the creator, you automatically have rights to the following except:
a) Public humiliation
b) Adaptation
c) Distribution
d) Publicly perform

To find creative works online without copyright restrictions, you should use
a) Public domain
b) Public office
c) Public officer
d) Royalty

The most important factor of the Fair Use Guidelines is
a) The effect upon potential marked for or value
b) The ineffectiveness to find the culprit
c) The effect upon human nature
d) The ineffectiveness of the market

The following are types of work that are not copyright protected except
a) Music
b) Names of businesses
c) Names of products
d) Names of services

The Fair Use Guidelines purpose and character of the use is
a) Whether such use is of a commercial or nonprofit educational purpose
b) You can copy as much as you want if you’re a teacher
c) You can copy as much as you want if you didn’t finish reading the book
d) Whether you are using it for good or evil

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