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What is the settling of a group of people in a new place?
a) Colonization
b) Imperialism
c) Direct Rule
d) Indirect Rule

A group of people who share the same belief system are called a(n) _________________.
a) Ethnic Group
b) Religious Group
c) Cultural Group
d) Political Group

A group of people who share the same language, culture, and traditions is called a(n) _____________.
a) Ethnic Group
b) Religious Group
c) Cultural Group
d) Political Group

What was the name of the Mandela's political group who held end the apartheid system?
a) African National Congress (ANC)
b) African Unity Congress (AUC)
c) Pan-Africanism
d) African Unity Movement (AUM)

What is the legal sparation of races in South Africa?
a) Segregation
b) Desegregatiuon
c) Apartheid
d) Partition

What mean to put together or gather?
a) Unite
b) Separate
c) Split
d) Partition

What is the multi-national movement to unite all Africans?
a) African Unity Movement
b) African National Congress
c) Pan-Africanism
d) Pan-Americanism

What is the division of countries based on resources and not ethnic groups?
a) Natural Political Boundaries
b) Artificial Political Boundaries
c) Aritificial Public Boundaries
d) Natural Public Boundaries

What is it called when a country takes over land for its resources and to show power?
a) Imperialism
b) Capitalism
c) Pan-Africanism
d) Colonialism

When a colony is ruled by soldiers and by force through submission it is called _____________.
a) Direct Rule
b) Indirect Rule
c) Imperialism
d) Colonization

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