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What is the first phase of the moon?
a) waning gibbous
b) full
c) quarter moon
d) new moon

Because its period of rotation and revolution are about the same, we only see one side of the moon
a) true
b) false

It takes the moon _______ days to revolve around Earth
a) 29
b) 365
c) 24
d) 27

It takes the moon ______ days to rotate on its axis.
a) 10
b) 27
c) 29
d) 31

A year is based on the 365 days it takes the Earth to _____ around the sun
a) rotate
b) revolve
c) flip

The Sun appears to rise in the _____ and set in the ______.
a) east, west
b) west, east
c) north, south
d) south, north

Earth rotates ______ on its axis
a) clockwise
b) counterclockwise
c) backwards
d) forwards

A day is based on the 24 hours it takes the Earth to ____
a) revolve
b) rotate
c) flip

Earth and the Moon both revolve and rotate and have effects that can be observed from Earth
a) true
b) false

A _____ eclipse occurs when the moon is directly in between the Sun and Earth
a) solar
b) lunar
c) super
d) Earth

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