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Panning the camera allows you to....
a) reveal more things than can fit in the frame while it's moving.
b) connect two or more points of interest.
c) lead the action of a moving subject.
d) all of these: reveal, connect, and lead (just like ALL the other answers say)

The way in which two shots are joined together...
a) transitions
b) thumbnails
c) timeline
d) digital effects

Planned dialogue of talent is called…
a) the script
b) a monolouge
c) ENG
d) storyboarding

The colors you get after subtracting red, green or blue from white light are called…
a) Subtractive Primaries
b) Additive Primaries
c) Connection Colors
d) none of these

Refers to the naturally occurring sounds on location.
a) Audio
b) Ambient
c) Echoes
d) Acoustics

Which term refers to the properties/qualities of an area that effect how sound is transmitted?
a) Ambient
b) Acoustics
c) Audio
d) Echoes

Which term refers to the process of adjusting volume during recording done by the audio technician?
a) Notching
b) Riding Gain
c) Lowering
d) Peaking

Which term refers to music that comes from subjects in the scene or background (band playing, a radio, etc.)
a) Source Music
b) Underscore
c) Soundtrack
d) Stage Music

A series of shots that portray the passing of time or relationship between action...
a) montage
b) video switcher
c) reaction shots
d) collage

True or False: The hiss after the S sound can be magically eliminated with a 'de-esser' compressor
a) False
b) True
c) Neither
d) Both

Edit points that are done to make it seem like time is continuous...
a) invisible cuts
b) screen direction
c) trimming
d) jump cuts

Flipping, flopping, slo-mo, chromakey and mosaic are all different types of ......
a) transitions.
b) digital effects.
c) thumbnails.
d) titles.

Titles that move vertically up or down the screen...
a) roll
b) head titles
c) crawl
d) fall

Titles that move horizontally across the screen...
a) roll
b) crawl
c) fall
d) head titles

What term best fits with the definition: the area in a non-linear editing program where you assemble your shots in the order you want them to play
a) Transitions
b) Timeline
c) Storyboard
d) Thumbnails

Why should we bring a music player with us when shooting a lip-sync video?
a) All of these reasons
b) Because our teacher tells us it's a good idea.
c) It helps the talent pace and sing along with the music.
d) It helps the edit process go faster when you can match up the versus.

The Additive Primaries of light are....
a) red, green, and blue.
b) black, white, and gray.
c) cyan, magenta, and yellow.
d) red, yellow, and blue.

When dealing with pixels of light red, green, and blue are called the...
a) Subtractive Primaries.
b) Connection Colors.
c) Additive Primaries.
d) none of these.

Editing with a computer is called....
a) linear editing
b) non-linear editing
c) tape to tape editing
d) cutting and splicing

What color is often used for the Chroma Key effect other than green?
a) Blue
b) Red
c) White
d) Yellow

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