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Review Of Our Properties Of Matter Unit.[print questions]

Anthony is performing an experiment. He adds 0.25 grams of baking soda to 5 grams of water and stirs. Anthony watches as the baking soda dissolves in the water. If Anthony weighs the water and baking soda solution, what will its mass be?
a) 4.75 grams
b) 5.25 grams
c) 5.0 grams
d) 525 grams

Which property of an ice cube remains THE SAME before and after it melts?
a) color
b) shape
c) volume
d) weight

John filled a bottle half way with water, placed a lid on it, then put it in the freezer. How does the weight of the water and bottle compare before and after it is in the freezer?
a) The water and bottle weigh the same as they did when they went in the freezer.
b) The water and bottle weigh less when they come out of the freezer because water evaporates when it gets cold.
c) The water and bottle weigh more when they come out of the freezer because ice weighs more.

Which is the best example of a change that can be undone?
a) clay put in an oven to harden
b) cake batter put in an oven to bake
c) chocolate left in a warm car to melt

Which change is most likely to produce a new substance?
a) a piece of paper burning
b) sugar dissolving into water
c) glass breaking into many pieces
d) water boiling and creating steam

Water is boiled and turns to vapor. The vapor is cooled and changes back into water. Which best describes what has occurred?
a) a chemical change, because the matter changed its state
b) a physical change, because a new substance was formed
c) a chemical change, because a new substance was formed
d) a physical change, because the matter changed its state

Which example best describes a physical change?
a) iron rusting
b) an ice cube melting
c) charcoal burning
d) a marshmallow burning

Which describes a chemical change?
a) sugar dissolving in tea
b) sunshine warming a sidewalk
c) scissors cutting paper into pieces
d) acid in the stomach digesting food

Which type of change occurs when the size, shape, appearance, or volume of a substance is changed without changing its composition?
a) chemical
b) nuclear
c) physical
d) radiation

Which best describes an activity that results in a new material being formed?
a) burning wood
b) plowing a field
c) ironing a shirt

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