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What are the three branches of government?
a) The continental, local, and foreign branches
b) The legislative, executive, and judicial branches
c) The local, state, and federal branches
d) The executive, continental, and judicial branches

How many years does a president serve in office?
a) 4 years
b) 2 year
c) 8 years
d) 3 years

Who is the head of the state executive branch?
a) The mayor
b) The president
c) The governor
d) The senator

What type of government is the United State?
a) A free country
b) A dictatorship
c) A monarchy
d) A democracy

What branch does the supreme court belong to?
a) The judicial branch
b) The legislative branch
c) The continental branch
d) The federal branch

What text structure tells events in chronological order?
a) Compare and contrast
b) Sequential order
c) Problem and solution
d) Descriptive

What text structure tells the similarities and differences in two things?
a) Compare and contrast
b) Descriptive
c) Sequential order
d) Problem and solution

What graphic organizer is used for compare and contrast text structures?
a) A web
b) A flowchart
c) Two-column notes
d) A venn diagram

How many justices are in the supreme court?
a) 7
b) 15
c) 9
d) 20

What does the legislative branch do?
a) Enforce laws
b) Make laws
c) Punish criminals
d) Make bills cry

What are the senate and house of representatives called at the state level?
a) Congress
b) Senate
c) General Assembly
d) Government

Why is the government divided into three branches
a) To keep government officials from fighting
b) To make sure that elections are fair
c) To ensure that everyone has a job
d) To make sure one person or group of people does not have too much power

How many federal senators does each state have?*
a) 4
b) It depends
c) 2
d) 7

What is the job of the judicial branch?
a) To see that laws are carried out fairly and that they are constitutional
b) To control the military
c) To veto bills
d) To clear everyone's criminal records

How many justices are in North Carolina's supreme court?
a) 13
b) 4
c) 8
d) 7

What is the State of the Union Address?
a) A ceremony where a new state is added to the United States
b) An annual speech given by the US President that tells how the country is doing and what the plans are for the year
c) A celebration of the end of the Civil War with the Union and Confederacy
d) A speech given by every governor saying that their state will join with all the other states in union

Who is in charge of the federal senate?
a) The vice president
b) The governor
c) The lieutenant governor
d) The speaker of the house

Who is the head of the state executive branch?
a) The president
b) The mayor
c) The citizens of the state
d) The governor

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