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Who made the decisions for the Iroquois League?
a) Great council
b) women
c) men
d) chiefs

Why did the Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
a) The Iroquois were good hunters
b) The Iroquois always did it that way.
c) The Iroquois felt a connection to nature
d) The Iroquois liked to talk.

What kind of life did most Plains people follow?
a) hunting and fishing
b) farming
c) hunting and farming
d) hunting and gathering

What is one way that horses affected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?
a) The travois was no longer needed
b) They ate them for food
c) They could train the horses to put up tepees
d) hunting buffalo was easier

Why did the Plains Indians settle their villages along rivers?
a) It made it easier to hunt
b) to water their crops because the land was dry
c) they liked to go swimming
d) to catch fish

What was used to carry goods from a buffalo hunt?
a) travois
b) reservations
c) lodge
d) longhouses

Where do most Native Americans live? (land set aside by the US government)
a) travois
b) tepees
c) reservations
d) lodge

What did the Plains people live in when they hunted?
a) tepees
b) lodges
c) longhouses
d) tents

What did the Iroquois live in that held up to 12 families?
a) travois
b) lodge
c) tepees
d) longhouses

What is a large, round hut built over a deep hole used for shelter by the Great Plains Indians?
a) tepees
b) lodge
c) longhouse
d) reservation

What was the name of the group that lived on the Great Plains and were the first to tame horses?
a) Iroquois
b) Anasazi
c) Inuit
d) Cheyenne

Who lived in the Eastern Woodlands and made birch-bark canoes out of trees?
a) Iroquois
b) Cheyenne
c) Maya
d) Inuit

How did the Plains people hunt buffalo before horses were used?
a) They put on wolf skins and snuck up on them
b) They created a stampede and drove them off a cliff
c) Both
d) Neither

What was the major resource for the Plains Indians?
a) Deer
b) Beaver
c) Buffalo
d) Horses

Why did the Plains people live in tepees instead of lodges during hunting season?
a) Tepees were made of buffalo
b) Tepees were easy to move
c) Tepees were comfortable
d) Tepees were warm

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