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A type of organizer for a topic and how other relate to topic
a) Thinking tree
b) classification
c) web
d) cause and effect

A poem of 2 or 4 lines is which memorization strategy
a) rhyme strategy
b) repetition
c) loci
d) acronymic sentence

Memorization strategy using first letter of each word in a sentence to recall information
a) acronymic sentence
b) loci
c) pegword
d) repetition

Words that include always and never
a) absolute words
b) qualified words
c) main idea words
d) inference words

Creating a route of places and associating to recall information is which memorization strategy?
a) loci
b) pegword
c) rhyme
d) repetition

Determining if you met your purpose in reading happens at what stage of reading process?
a) pause and reflect
b) reread
c) remember
d) plan

The characteristic of a smart goal that might include a percentage or grade
a) measurable
b) meaningful
c) achievable
d) realistic

The answer most often associated with true/false questions including qualified words
a) true
b) false

The first column of two-column notes is labeled with this
a) main ideas
b) paragraphs
c) supporting details
d) page numbers

The part of the reading process that involves looking at headings and titles and the length of reading
a) preview
b) plan
c) set a purpose
d) all of the above

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