Unit 3 Question Preview (ID: 27320)


Government controlled by religious leaders
a) theocracy
b) democracy
c) dictatorship
d) communist

A dictator controls
a) very little
b) everything
c) nothing
d) the government only

Primary economic activity is
a) involves data and universities
b) manufacturing the natural resources
c) taking the natural resources
d) the last activity

a) religion that believes in many gods
b) religion that believes in no gods
c) religion that believes in one god
d) religion that believes in earthly spirits

rural means
a) in the city
b) in the country
c) in the government
d) in a tree

urban means
a) in the country
b) in the city
c) in space
d) in school

quaternary economic activity
a) involves service jobs
b) manufactures the natural resource into a product
c) is the first activity involving natural resources
d) involves major univiersities and data research

secondary economic activity involves
a) calculating data about resources
b) taking the natural resources
c) manufacturing natural resources into product
d) involves service jobs

a subsistence based economy
a) given to the poor
b) is run by the government
c) produces for personal use
d) produces for profit

agrarian agricultural traditions happen where
a) use high tech equipment
b) in urban communities
c) in industrial communities
d) in rural communities

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