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What does the program monitor do?
a) shows the content of whichever sequence is currently displayed in the Timeline
b) adds clips through the insert and overwrite buttons
c) shows the content of a clip
d) adds In and Out marks to a new clip

When you drag a clip from the Source Monitor to the Program Monitor, it creates a(n)
a) Overwrite Edit
b) Insert Edit
c) Subclip
d) Marker

When dragging clips into the Program Monitor, what modifier key do you use to make an insert rather than an overwrite edit?
a) Command (Mac) or Control (Windows)
b) Shift
c) Alt
d) Option

If you are adding clips to the Timeline, when are the track patching controls ignored?
a) Dragging clips into the Timeline
b) Using keyboard shortcuts
c) Using Insert/Overwrite buttons
d) Dragging into the Program Monitor

When you see your video playback stuttering, stopping and starting, what button would you use to help correct the problem and make editing easier?
a) Markers
b) In Points
c) Out Points
d) Clipboard

By default, the Markers Panel is grouped with the __________ Panel.
a) Project
b) Timeline
c) Monitor
d) Tool

Markers can be added to all of the following except:
a) Timeline
b) Source Monitor
c) Program Monitor
d) Project Panel

What is the shortcut for Markers?
a) M
b) MM
c) Shift M
d) Control M

The keyboard shortcut for the Selection Tool is:
a) V
b) S
c) A
d) T

If you want to select every clip on a track, use the _________________.
a) Selection Tool
b) Trim Tool
c) Track Select Tool
d) Razor Tool

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