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The passing of traits from parents to offsping is ___.
a) probability
b) meiosis
c) recessive
d) heredity

If you cross a white flower (with a genotype of pp) with a purple flower (with a genotype PP), the possible genotypes of the offspring are ___.
a) PP and pp
b) all pp.
c) all PP
d) all Pp

Probability is ___.
a) always expressed as a ratio
b) a 3:1 chance that an event will occur
c) the mathematical chance that an event will occur.
d) a 50% chance that an event will occur

Two forms of the same gene are known as ___.
a) alleles
b) chromosomes
c) genotypes
d) sex cells

If you cross two rabbits that have the genotype Bb, how many possible genotypes can be found in the offspring?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

If a purple flower with the genotype Pp (P=purple; p=white) self-pollinations, the ratio of purple offspring to white offspring would be ___
a) 3 purple:1 white
b) 2 purple:2 white
c) 1 purple: 3 white
d) four purple:0 white

A self pollinating plant has ___.
a) anthers
b) a stigma
c) both anthers and stigma
d) neither anthers nor a stigma

When a true-breeding plant self-pollinates, ___.
a) it will always produce offspring with the same traits the parent plant has
b) it will never produce offspring with the same traits the parent plant has
c) it will only occasionally produce offspring with the same traits the parent plant has.
d) a daughter plant is a mutation of the parent plant.

The set of instructions for each characteristic donated by the parent to the offspring is called ___.
a) mitosis
b) genes
c) heredity
d) meiosis

The organism's appearance is known as its ___.
a) heredity
b) pedigree
c) phenotype
d) genotype

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