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The Bible's first mention of named constellations is in the book of _________________.
a) Genesis
b) Job
c) Psalms
d) Matthew

_____________ seem to be unusual, distant, rapidly moving objects that do not readily fit into the standard theories of the universe.
a) Suns
b) Ellipses
c) Quasars
d) Supernovas

_______________ is the name of the strucutre in England noted for its huge stones arranged in a roughly circular pattern that some believe may be a solar observatory.
a) Stonehenge
b) Crater Hiill
c) Stone Circle
d) Craterhenge

________ nebulae can be observed when they block the light from more distant stars or nebulae.
a) Dark
b) Light
c) Ancient
d) Young

The instrument that has done more to reveal the magnificence of the heavens than any other is the ____________.
a) moon
b) eye
c) refraction telescope
d) Hubble Space Telescope

A(n) __________________ is a group of millions of stars.
a) universe
b) galaxy
c) elliptical
d) pulsar

The plane of the earth's equator projected into the sky is the ____________________.
a) nighttime equator
b) solar equator
c) celestial equator
d) spherical equator

If several stars in a group have the same motion, they are called a(n) _______________________.
a) star family
b) star front
c) star cluster
d) star base

The hottest stars are ________________ in color.
a) blue
b) red
c) yellow
d) orange

A star that explodes and sometimes leaves behind a neutron star is called a(n) __________________.
a) large nova
b) nova
c) babinova
d) supernova

A star that changes in brightness because it expands and contracts regularly is called a(n) _______________.
a) Cepheid variable
b) Cepheid constant
c) supernova
d) nova

The Milky Way galaxy is believed to be a(n)
a) elliptical galaxy
b) irregular galaxy
c) spiral galaxy
d) barred spiral galaxy

Which of the following is not a desirable feature of a telescope?
a) chromatic aberration
b) magnification
c) gathering light
d) resolution

The distance that light travels in one year is a(n)
a) parsec.
b) light-year.
c) astronomical unit.
d) constant, c.

Telescopes that use mirrors to collect the incoming light are called
a) radio telescopes.
b) non-optical telescopes.
c) refractors.
d) reflectors.

Besides the amount of light emitted by a star, what else may affect a star's apparent magnitude?
a) star motion
b) telescope resolution
c) telescope magnification
d) distance from the earth

Modern advances in telescope design include all of the following except
a) honeycomb mirrors
b) large-aperture objective lenses.
c) segmented mirrors.
d) computer-controlled mirror actuators.

Which of the following stars in the brightest, according to their apparent magnitudes?
a) Canopus, + 0.7
b) Barnard's Star, +9.6
c) Lacaille 9352, +7.4
d) Deneb, +1.3

How many modern constellations are there?
a) eighty-eight
b) sixty-six
c) thirteen
d) twelve

According to Bayer's system, the name of the brightest star in the constellation Lyra is
a) Lyrae Minoris.
b) Lyrae Majoris.
c) Omega Lyrae.
d) Alpha Lyrae.

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