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What is population density?
a) The average wealth of a country
b) The number of people in a set area
c) Hah! Does not exist! Mrs. Sundland made this up!
d) The number of people who can read and write.

What is the formula for finding the population density of an area?
a) The population x The area
b) The population - The area
c) The population + The area
d) The population / The area

Most people in the United States are located....
a) On the west coast
b) On the east coast.
c) In the south
d) In the Midwest

Which of the following is NOT a reason why the west/midwest is sparsely populated (has few people)?
a) The temperature is too cold for farming.
b) The area has the Rocky Mountains running through it
c) Part of the land does not have access to shipping along the ocean
d) Most European settlers started off on the east coast and slowly spread westward.

Population density does NOT effect...
a) Types of housing
b) Types of transportation used by the citizens
c) Clothing worn by the citizens
d) The number of schools and stores

What information CANNOT be gathered from a population pyramid?
a) Male versus female population
b) Age distribution
c) GDP per capita
d) Elderly population

A country that is just starting to get factories and has a low standard of living is known as...
a) A developing country
b) A developed country

A country that is established and usually have a high standard of living is known as...
a) A developing country
b) A developed country

A DEVELOPED country will have...
a) A low GDP per capita
b) More women with jobs
c) High death rate
d) Imbalance between males and females (more of one gender)

A DEVELOPING nation will have....
a) Increased education
b) A high literacy rate
c) A large amount of children compared to other age groups
d) An imbalance between males and females (more of one gender)

Factors that can alter the future of a population pyramid include:
a) Industrialization (moving from farming to more factories and businesses)
b) Natural disasters
c) Education of women
d) All of the above

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