European Religions, Exploration, And Colonization Question Preview (ID: 27302)

Use This Game To Review The Information About Europe's Religions, Exploration, And Colonization.

Which pairing of sacred text and religion is correct?
a) Christianity – Torah
b) Muslim – Bible
c) Judaism – Koran
d) D. Judaism – Torah

Which accounts for most of the jobs in the United Kingdom?
a) farming
b) manufacturing
c) service industry
d) tourism

How are the three religions alike?
a) They each worship several gods.
b) They each worship only one god.
c) Each of the three religions is getting smaller.
d) They each use a sacred text known as the Bible.

Where did Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all originate (begin)?
a) Southwest Asia
b) Eastern Europe
c) Northwest Asia
d) Southern Africa

Which of the following European countries DID NOT have any colonies in the Americas?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Germany

Why was Prince Henry nicknamed “the Navigator”?
a) He was the Prince of Portugal.
b) He discovered a trade route around the Americas to Asia.
c) He funded many voyages and set up the first school of navigation.
d) He funded the first voyage around the world.

Christopher Columbus first landed on an island in the Americas but believed that he was in Asia. Which island did he land on?
a) Cayman Islands
b) Bahamas
c) Turks Caicos
d) India

Which religion did the early European explorers hope to spread to Asia, Africa, the Americas?
a) Islam
b) Hinduism
c) Judaism
d) Christianity

Which European countries established extensive empires in Asia, Africa, and the Americas?
a) France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal
b) France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal
c) Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain
d) Italy, France, Portugal, Spain

Which is the oldest of the three main religions of Europe?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Roman Catholic

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