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The lost campers SWELTERED in the heat of the desert sun.
a) ate
b) burned
c) slept
d) sunbathed

Congress put a TARIFF on overseas goods so the price would not be lower than domestic products.
a) stamp
b) prohibition
c) ad
d) tax

The scared rock climber balanced PRECARIOUSLY on the edge of the cliff.
a) gracefully
b) lazily
c) dangerously
d) hopefully

We often travel to New England in the autumn to see the bright colors of the fall FOLIAGE.
a) hurricane
b) plays
c) snow
d) leaves

Each student was ALLOTTED two tickets to the dance.
a) allowed
b) joyful
c) taken
d) fed

The mood was SOMBER at the funeral of the former president.
a) shyly
b) serious
c) hungry
d) plenty

The country cottage was just outside the quaint and PICTURESQUE town.
a) charming
b) running
c) ruined
d) perhaps

When he didn't understand the instructions, the student asked the teacher to CLARIFY them.
a) remove
b) call
c) explain
d) stop

The IMPUDENT boy was rude to the policeman.
a) handsome
b) carefully
c) poor
d) bold

Cold rain fell all day, making it a DISMAL Saturday afternoon.
a) gloomy
b) red
c) shining
d) fun

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