2A Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 27288)

T'es Branche 2A Vocabulary.

faire du snowboard
a) to snowboard
b) to buy snowboards
c) to wax snowboards
d) to break snowboards

faire de la musculation
a) muscles
b) to lift weights
c) to bike ride
d) to ice skate

faire du vélo
a) to eat
b) to bike ride
c) to jog
d) to play sports

faire du patinage
a) to petition
b) to run
c) to watch
d) to ice skate

to run marathons
a) faire du footing
b) faire du parcours
c) faire du vélo
d) sortir avec les amis

to go
a) aller
b) faire
c) jouer
d) sortir

to go out
a) sortir
b) aller
c) jouer
d) faire

a) to work
b) to swim
c) to nag
d) to dine out

a) to work
b) to travel
c) to clean
d) to swim

a) to work
b) to travel
c) to dive
d) to swim

a) to dive
b) to clean
c) to run marathons
d) to cook

manger des pâtes
a) to make pasta
b) to eat pasta
c) to make pizza
d) to eat pizza

des frites
a) french fries
b) cookies
c) fritters
d) apples

a) to dance
b) to play hockey
c) to dive
d) to travel

a) to swim
b) to dive
c) to run
d) to jog

jouer au basket
a) to play basketball
b) to play hockey
c) to dribble a basketball
d) to play with baskets

jouer au foot
a) to play soccer
b) to play football
c) to coach soccer
d) to coach football

faire du roller
a) to roll around
b) to rollerblade
c) to make bread
d) to dive

a) to eat
b) to clean
c) to mange
d) to manage

a) to eat
b) to clean
c) to fiddle
d) to do / to make

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