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The range of input values which do not produce any output.
a) deadband
b) constant
c) stop block
d) variable

The act of sending information (usually in a variable) from one piece of code to another, often from code to a function that is being called.
a) call
b) pass
c) return
d) sensor

Navigation without feedback from sensors.
a) encoder
b) deadband
c) dead reckoning
d) gps

A series of instructions for controlling a computer, written in code that the computer can understand.
a) program
b) funciton
c) user function
d) call

An instrument for finding the distance of an object.
a) encoders
b) rangefinders
c) ramping
d) dead band

Functioning independently, without human involvement
a) autonomous
b) automatic
c) program
d) easyC

A word previously defined by a computer programming language and reserved for specific uses.
a) return
b) dead band
c) dead reckoning
d) reserved word

Takes place when a function has finished its operation and gives control back to the calling code. When the return operation takes place a value may optionally be passed back from the function to the caller.
a) return
b) memory
c) sensor
d) assignment

The process of converting a C-language program into machine code.
a) call
b) download
c) compilation
d) return

A symbol which represents a value which can be changed during the running of a computer program.
a) constant
b) variable
c) expression
d) assignment

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