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a) mis-
b) dis-
c) un-
d) in-

The waitress was clearly ________ because she forgot half of our order
a) taste
b) inexperienced
c) distaste
d) misexperienced

a) in-
b) mis-
c) dis-
d) un-

I have tried to _______________ my cat from climbing on the table
a) accurate
b) inaccurate
c) discourage
d) miscourage

a) dis-
b) un-
c) mis-
d) in-

Rosco likes the adventure of traveling into the ____________________.
a) unlucky
b) unfriendly
c) unknown
d) untouched

Martin avoided walking by the house that had the _____________ dog.
a) lucky
b) unfriendly
c) friendly
d) unlucky

a) mis-
b) un-
c) in-
d) dis-

My neighbor thinks the ugly brown grass in the park is a _________________.
a) misfit
b) disgrace
c) uneasy
d) misprint

a) mis-
b) un-
c) in-
d) dis

a) un-
b) dis-
c) in-
d) mis-

We wore jeans because the party was _________________.
a) inhuman
b) unaware
c) misstep
d) informal

The advertisement for the action figure was ________________, since it didn't come with all the pieces.
a) lucky
b) misleading
c) unknown
d) lucky

We tried to take the most ________________ route home so we would get home too late to help clean the garage.
a) inexpensive
b) expensive
c) indirect
d) discourage

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