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Who is given credit for inventing the microscope?
a) Anton van Leeuwenhoek
b) Galileo Gallilei
c) Albert Einstein
d) Johannes Kepler

Which set of lenses would you use to examine the details of a specimen?
a) eyepiece lens and 40X
b) eyepiece and 4X
c) eyepiece and 10X
d) none of the answers are correct

The diaphragm is used to
a) adjust the amount of light allowed through the hole in the stage
b) adjust the brightness of the light source
c) magnify the specimen
d) turn the microscope on or off

Which magnification of the lens would you use to find the specimen on the slide?
a) eyepiece and 4X
b) eyepiece and 10X
c) eyepiece and 40X
d) eyepiece and 400X

When you view a specimen through an objective lens that is magnified 40X, what is the actual magnification?
a) 400X
b) 54X
c) 40X
d) 44X

When carrying the microscope, you should always hold
a) the arm and the base.
b) the eye piece and the nose
c) the arm and the stage
d) the base and the coarse adjustment knob.

Also, keep all cords that are attached to the microscope and the computer___________
a) away from water and the end of the table.
b) away from the windows.
c) away from your computers.
d) away from live specimens.

Always place the microscope ____________ back from the edge of the table or counter.
a) 6 inches
b) 5 feet
c) 6 mm
d) 6 feet

Never plug the cord into a socket where someone could ______________ by accidentally walking into the cord.
a) walk by and knock it from the table
b) turn on the micrscope
c) use the microscope
d) turn off the microscope

The type of microscope that gives you a 3-D image is the
a) Scanning Electron Microscope
b) Compound Light Microscope
c) Transmission Electron Microsope
d) Kepler Microscope

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