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Ottoman Empire ended ....
a) 1920
b) 1925
c) 1930
d) 1910

Mandate is
a) when a country is placed under control of another country
b) when two men go to the movies together
c) is when oil is traded
d) a city in Syria

Zionism is
a) Jews encouraged to move back to homeland
b) a law stating ALL Jews could move home
c) prejudice against Jews
d) prejudice against Muslim

Law of Return is
a) a law stating ALL Jews could move home
b) prejudice against Jews
c) law that stated Palestine was a Muslim state
d) law that Suleiman Adopted

Anti- Semitic
a) prejudice against Jews
b) prejudice against Muslims
c) prejudice against Ottoman Empire
d) people against OPEC

Janissaries are
a) soldiers in the Ottoman Empire
b) soldiers for Palestine
c) soldiers for Israel
d) laws against Jews

1948 is when
a) Israel became a stae
b) Israel had a peace treaty with Egypt
c) Palestine was formed
d) Suleiman died

Who divided Israel in 1948
a) UN
b) Great Britian
c) Palestine
d) PLO

The war Between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s was over
a) oil
b) religion
c) PLO
d) Israel

Osama Bin Laden is
a) was leader of Al-Queda
b) leader of Iraq
c) president of Egypt
d) helped at the Camp David Accords

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