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The bowl-shaped area around a volcano’s central vent is called a(n) ____________________.
a) caldera
b) crater
c) magma chamber
d) volcanic neck

When magma hardens in a volcano’s pipe, the result will eventually be a landform called a
a) dike
b) volcanic neck
c) sill
d) batholith

Molten material that leaves a volcano’s vent is called ____________________.
a) cinders
b) magma
c) bombs
d) lava

Tall, cone-shaped mountains in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash are called
a) shield volcanoes.
b) lava plateaus.
c) composite volcanoes.
d) cinder cone volcanoes.

A string of islands known as a(n) ____________________ can form from the collision of two oceanic plates.
a) island arc
b) caldera
c) ring of fire
d) hot spot island

Which of the following volcano hazards is made up of fine, rocky particles as small as a speck of dust?
a) pahoehoe
b) volcanic ash
c) volcanic cinders
d) volcanic bombs

The main factor that accounts for the difference between quiet and explosive volcanic eruptions is
a) the size of the volcano’s magma chamber.
b) the iron content of the magma.
c) the silica content of the magma.
d) the age of the volcano.

The smallest lava fragments produced by an explosive eruption are called volcanic ____________________.
a) necks
b) bombs
c) cinders
d) ash

Sometimes rising magma is blocked by layers of rock. The magma forces the layers of rock to bend upward into a landform called a(n) _________________________.
a) caldera
b) batholith
c) dome mountain
d) composite volcano

A mass of rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust is called a
a) batholith
b) lava plateau.
c) dike
d) neck.

In which location would you most likely find volcanoes?
a) along mid-ocean ridges and where a plate is subducted
b) far from plate boundaries
c) along transform boundaries
d) where two continental plates collide

The huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountain is called a
a) caldera
b) cinder cone.
c) shield volcano.
d) lava plateau.

What provides the force that causes magma to erupt to the surface?
a) the density of the magma
b) the silica in the magma
c) gravity in the lithosphere
d) dissolved gases trapped in the magma

When ash, cinders, and bombs build up in a steep pile around a volcano’s vent, the result is a
a) composite volcano.
b) cinder cone volcano.
c) shield volcano.
d) dormant volcano.

Before lava reaches the surface, the molten material is called
a) liquid fire.
b) magma.
c) volcanic ash.
d) D) rock.

When many layers of thin, runny lava build up a high, level area, the result is a
a) shield volcano.
b) cinder cone volcano.
c) lava plateau.
d) composite volcano.

A mass of rock that forms when a large body of magma cools inside the crust is called a(n)
a) volcanic neck
b) lava plateau
c) caldera
d) batholith

The main hazard from a quiet volcanic eruption is
a) geysers.
b) pyroclastic flows.
c) volcanic gases.
d) lava flows.

A major volcanic belt known as the _________________________ circles the Pacific Ocean.
a) Subduction Zone
b) Ring of Fire
c) Mid Ocean Ridge

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