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What is Self-Confidence and why is it important?
a) Not believing in yourself and because people get to pick on you
b) Knowing yourself and feeling confident and able to help others gain
c) You feel good so you dont have to help anyone else
d) Not believing in yourself so you dont have to help anyone else

What is Sense of Justice?
a) A sense of fairness
b) Getting what you want
c) Not cooperating
d) Not caring for others

What is Self Control?
a) Fighting
b) Taking anger out on others
c) Able to control your own behavior in order to function with others
d) Letting your anger out

Why is responsibility important?
a) Because you dont have to help others on what they need
b) Because good leaers must be willing to assume full responsibility for their mistakes and their followers
c) Because you have to be responsible to make other people like you
d) Because it is fun telling what others need to do

Honesty..What is it?
a) Lie all the time
b) Letting your followers behave incorrectly
c) Making an act and telling followers lies
d) Sharing your opinions and making sure your followers know the real you

Why is master important?
a) Because you have to know what you are doing to be a leader
b) Because you cant be lazy
c) It is required because you cant help others if you dont know how to
d) All of these

What is being wise?
a) Not knowing how to solve problems
b) Able to make good decisions quickly and efficiently
c) Telling others what to do
d) Fixing problems you dont know how to fix

What is motivation?
a) Being a follower
b) Not caring about your followers
c) Able to help yourself and others want to achieve their goals
d) Being lazy

What is a charismatic personality?
a) Having charm towards others
b) Being pleasant and appealing
c) Being likable and respectable
d) All of these

Why is cooperation important?
a) Because you need to be able to work with your followers
b) Because you tell others what to do
c) The first and the last
d) Because your followers will appreciate you help them and knowing what you are doing

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