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Georgia's Role At The Constitution Convention.[print questions]

What was created at the United States Consitutional Convention of 1787?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Magna Carta
c) U.S. Constitution
d) Articles of Confederation

What compromise dealt with slavery (that Georgia supported)?
a) the 3/5th Compromise
b) the Great Compromise
c) The Compromise of Congress
d) The Compromise for the New World

Which branch of government had the most power in Georgia's Constitution of 1777?
a) the legislative branch
b) it was both the judicial branch and the executive branch
c) the judicial branch
d) the executive branch

Which two Georgians signed the U.S. Constitution from Georgia?
a) Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett
b) William Few and Abraham Baldwin
c) Lyman Hall and Abraham Baldwin
d) George Walton and Lyman Hall

What does bi cameral mean?
a) Two house
b) One house
c) Judicial branch
d) Legislative branch

What was the name of the first constitution of the United States?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Magna Carta
c) Articles of Confederation
d) U.S. Constitution

Why was Georgia's 1777 constitution revised?
a) It had too much power in the legislature
b) The governor only served a one year term
c) It had a unicameral (one house) legislature
d) All of the above answers are correct

What was wrong with the Articles of Confederation?
a) It was too weak to have a national government. States had too many rights
b) There was no president
c) There was no court system
d) All of the above answers are correct

Who is the head of Georgia's executive branch?
a) The president
b) the General Assembly
c) The governor
d) The Supreme Court

What role did Abraham Baldwin play at the Constitui8on?
a) He cast a vote that led to the Great Compromise
b) He cast a vote that led to the 3/5th Compromise
c) He created the Bill of rights
d) He voted on slavery

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