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What geographic feature dominates Central Asia's terrain?
a) Desert
b) Taiga
c) Tundra
d) Steppes

Nomads in Central Asia often become experts in which skills?
a) Farming and Harvesting
b) Horsemanship and fighting
c) Writing and house building
d) Sailing and trading

The mongol leader who united the tribes of Mongolia in 1206 was who?
a) Mongke Khan
b) Kublai Khan
c) Genghis Khan
d) Ogodei Khan

Which of the following was not a tactic used in the Mongol Conquests?
a) Terror
b) Islam as a unifying religion
c) Using prisoners as decay soldiers
d) Captured enemy engineers and craftsmen to design new weapons

What happened to towns and cities that rebelled against the Mongols or did not surrender?
a) They were protected by the Pope
b) They were brutally killed and the towns burned down
c) They were sold into slavery
d) They were left alone and free to govern themselves

After Genghis Khan's death the Mongol Empire was divided into
a) provinces
b) territories
c) kingdoms
d) khanates

How did the Mongols treat religions in their empire?
a) They converted all peoples to Christianity
b) They converted all peoples to Islam
c) They tolerated all religions in their empire
d) They converted all peoples to Animism

What happened during the Mongol invasions of Japan?
a) The Mongols conquered Japan
b) Typhoons destroyed the Mongol fleets, saving Japan from invasion.
c) Japan became a tribute empire of the Mongols
d) The Japanese Emperor accepted Mongol rulers into Japan to avoid war

What was a result of Marco Polo's travels in China?
a) People stayed away from Mongol Khanates
b) People became interested in the wealth and power of China
c) The Mongols invaded Italy
d) Traders stayed out of Mongol lands

During the Pax Mongolica how safe was trade in the Mongol Empire?
a) People could trade and travel safely from one end of the empire to another
b) Trade and travel was as unsafe in Asia as it was in western Europe.
c) Trade was only safe and protected in China
d) Trade with India diminished

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