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Which is an example of competition?
a) Two species of insects that feed on the same rare plant.
b) A tick living on a dog.
c) An African lioness feeding her cubs.
d) A lake near a forest in the northeastern United States.

Which is NOT an abiotic factor?
a) Temperature
b) Bacteria
c) Sunlight
d) Air Pressure

Which is NOT a biotic factor?
a) Bacteria
b) Temperature
c) Parasite
d) Organisms

A relationship where one species benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped is called?
a) Mutualism
b) Competition
c) Commensalism
d) Parasitism

Which is an example of parasitism?
a) A tick living on a dog.
b) Chameleon catching a grasshopper.
c) Cougar attacking a deer.
d) Imported fire ants compete with native ants for territory.

Ants and acacia trees have a mutualistic relationship because
a) They are part of the same ecosystem.
b) The ants eat part of the acacia tree.
c) They are both adapted to a humid climate.
d) They benefit each other.

Which of these are least likely to belong to the same species?
a) All mountain gorillas
b) All Esherichia Coli bacteria
c) All predators
d) All African elephants

Which is an example of an adaptation?
a) Deer grows thicker fur in cold climate.
b) None of the above
c) Deer has thicker fur in warm climate.
d) Deer inherits thicker fur.

Which is an exmple of coevolution?
a) Deer that live in a cold region and have thick fur.
b) Dark gray moths that are found near England.
c) Crabs develop strong claws, in response, snails develop thicker shells.
d) Desert rats that do not sweat.

Select the correct order from the choices below
a) ecosystem, population, community, organism
b) community, population, organism, ecosystem
c) organism, population, community, ecosystem
d) population, organism, ecosystem, community

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