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If you are signing about a city/town that is not well-known, what should you do first?
a) Fingerspell its name.
b) Describe it.
c) Write it down.
d) Use the sign for the town.

Which question is NOT one that will typically be asked of you by a Deaf person?
a) Why are you learning ASL?
b) How do you know ASL?
c) Do you have any Deaf family members or friends?
d) Are you a republican or a democrat?

Which month is fully fingerspelled?
a) February
b) January
c) October
d) April

Which holiday is fingerspelled in ASL?
a) Passover
b) Kwanzaa
c) St. Patrick's Day
d) Eid

Which one is a grammatical structure of ASL?
a) Comment-Topic
b) Noun-Verb-Object
c) Subject-Verb-Object
d) Noun-Verb Pair

Which U.S. state does NOT have a sign? (It only has an abbreviation.)
a) New York
b) Montana
c) Alaska
d) New Jersey

Which continent is fingerspelled?
a) Australia
b) Asia
c) Antarctica
d) Africa

Which holiday does NOT include fingerspelling?
a) Ramadan
b) Memorial Day
c) Veteran's Day
d) Labor Day

When using a sign with variations, which variation should you use?
a) The one used by the local Deaf community.
b) The one used at Gallaudet University.
c) The initialized one.
d) The one used on ASLPro.

Which is NOT a type of name sign?
a) Initialized
b) Arbitrary
c) Descriptive
d) Personalized

Which of the following signs is NOT a possessive sign?

Where is the world’s highest (per capita) population of Deaf people?
a) Washington, DC
b) Rochester, NY
c) Hartford, CT
d) Chicago, IL

Which sign language is most similar to ASL?
a) British Sign Language
b) Japanese Sign Language
c) Spanish Sign Language
d) French Sign Language

When would a hearing person get a name sign?
a) If your hearing friends give one to you.
b) If your Deaf friends give one to you.
c) If people are tired of fingerspelling your name.
d) If you ask for one.

Which component is different for the ASL signs WINTER and COLD?
a) Handshape
b) Location
c) Palm Orientation
d) Non-Manual Signals

Which of the following is NOT a correct ASL abbreviation for a U.S. state?
a) M-O
b) M-A
c) M-D
d) M-T

Which of the following is NOT a correct ASL abbreviation for a U.S. state?
a) N-Y
b) N-D
c) N-C
d) N-M

Which ASL sign would you use to convey the English word 'because'?
a) HOW?
b) WHY?

Which English verb is conveyed by DEIXIS?
a) run
b) help
c) to-be
d) sleep

What ASL sign should you use to talk about non-romantic love?

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