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Which of the following is not an unalienable right listed in the Declaration of Independence?
a) Property
b) Life
c) Liberty
d) Pursuit of Happiness

Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) John Adams
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Thomas Paine

What was the 2nd Continental Congress's greatest accomplishment?
a) Declaring war on England
b) Creating the Declaration of Independence
c) Establishing a government
d) Creating the Articles of Confederation

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Establish a basic set of laws for the United States
b) Strengthen colonial ties with England
c) Demand freedom of speech and of the press
d) State the reasons the colonies were rebelling against England

A major argument for American independence found in the Declaration of Independence was that the British
a) Stopped participating in the slave trade
b) Deprived Americans of their natural rights
c) Refused to sell products to Americans
d) Censored American representatives in Parliament

What was the purpose of Thomas Paine writing Common Sense?
a) To formally break away from England
b) To write about the unfair taxes and laws passed by England
c) To persuade neutralists that they should break away from England
d) To discuss his loyalty to England and the Crown

Who was the author of Common Sense?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Thomas Paine
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Samuel Adams

Why did the colonists rebel against England based on the Declaration of Independence?
a) The King treated the colonists unfairly and they felt they had no choice
b) The colonists wanted to trade with other countries
c) The colonies wanted to be ruled by another country
d) The colonies were tired of paying taxes

What are grievances?
a) Articles
b) Letters
c) Complaints
d) Documents

What are unalienable rights?
a) Rights you have to earn
b) Rights given to you by the government
c) God given rights that you are born with
d) Rights that can be taken away at any time

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