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Chapter 5 Study Guide.[print questions]

What did the Olive Branch Petition state?
a) the colonist remain loyal to the king
b) the colonist remain loyal to the queen
c) the colonist remain loyal to the prince

Who captured Fort Ticonderoga?
a) Percy Mason
b) Freddie Krueger
c) Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allan

Where was George Washington appointed the commander of the Continential Army?
a) Second Park Church
b) Second Continental Congress
c) Second Hand Rose Cleaners

What formed as a result fo the Second Continential Congress?
a) The office of President
b) the formation of the Continental Army
c) the formation of the Continental marines

Define blockade
a) shutting off of a port by ships to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
b) a stack of blocks used to keep toy soldiers out of the fort
c) timber piled high around the fort to keep enemies out

How did the colonist respond to the Intolerable Acts
a) They launched the Boston Teaparty
b) They launced the American Revalution
c) The launched an attack on Philadelphia

What was the shot heard 'round the world?
a) The first shots of the American Revolution
b) The first fhots of the Cival War
c) The first shots of the Boston Reveloution

Which side fired the frist shots of the American Revolution?
a) Patrick Henry's band of minutemen
b) Benjamin Franklin's first regiment of the British army
c) no one knows

What diid the First Contential Congress demand?
a) That Michael Jordan be president of the United States
b) to repeal the Intolerable Acts
c) for Patrick Henry to return to Boston

Who were the Sons and Daughters of Liberty?
a) colonial anti-British protesters
b) children of Benjiman Franklin
c) First girls and boys born in the new country

What did the British East India Company do?
a) They sold tea from Germany
b) They sold tea from India
c) they sold tea from Pluto

Why did the Americans withdraw from Quebec?
a) The cold harsh winter winds
b) they were too weakened to fight against fresh British forces
c) The were out of supplies

Why did many of the enslaved African American slaves side with the British?
a) they looked good in the British uniforms
b) they hoped to earn their freedom
c) no one really knows

What was the first major battle of the American Revolution?
a) Beacon Hill
b) Baypoint Hill
c) Bunker Hill

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