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Most sedimentary rocks are composed of
a) composed primarily of weathered remains of rocks
b) composed of mienrals of igneous rocks
c) composed primarily of different minerals from Earth
d) composed of mixtures of igneous and metamorphic rocks

Sedimentary rocks form from
a) weather patterns changing
b) compression, cementing of grains
c) compression, rock layering
d) cementing and weathering

Fragmental rocks are made up of
a) same sized particles
b) large particles
c) small particles
d) different sized particles

Two types of sedimentary rocks that do not fit the scheme are
a) organic and crystalline
b) organic and weathered
c) crystalline and weathered
d) none of the above

What rock are formed mainly from the remains of living things
a) rock salt
b) breccia
c) shale
d) coal

Some sedimentary rocks form as a direct result of
a) erosion of solid rock
b) evaporation of seawater
c) recrystallization just before melting
d) solidification of melted rock

I have a crystalline structure with a varied grain size and halite in composition
a) rock salt
b) rock gypsum
c) dolostone
d) limestone

I have a fragmental texture and a 0.2 to 0.0006cm grain size. I have a fine to coarse grain size.
a) conglomerate
b) breccia
c) sandstone
d) shale

I have a crystalline structure that varies in grain size and am made up of dolomite.
a) dolostone
b) limestone
c) coal
d) rock salt

I have a clastic texture with less than 0.0004cm. I am compact.
a) sandstone
b) breccia
c) siltstone
d) shale

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