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Which of the Mesopotamian empires created the world's first empire?
a) Neo-Babylonian
b) Babylonian
c) Akkadian
d) Assyrian

About when did the Neolithic Age begin?
a) 1 million BCE
b) 8,000 BCE
c) 2015 CE
d) 2,500 BCE

Which of the following is a characteristic of the Paleolithic Age?
a) They used farming as their number one way to get food.
b) They lived in large communities and did different jobs.
c) They hunted and gathered to get their food.
d) They lived in mud-bricks houses that had multiple room.

Which period of time occurred 2 million years ago
a) Stone Age
b) Paleolithic Age
c) Neolithic Age
d) Bronze Age

What was the common problem of each of the four Mesopotamian empires?
a) It was difficult to honor their gods properly.
b) They could not unite to become wealthy.
c) They could not conquer other empires
d) It was difficult to control such a large area.

Which Wonder of the Ancient World was built during the Neo-Babylonian period?
a) The Hanging Gardens
b) The Great Pyramid
c) The Colossus of Rhodes
d) Niagra Falls

What evidence shows that Sumerian society developed after the Stone Age?
a) mud houses
b) copper blades
c) painted pottery
d) wooden plows

How did Hammurabi's contribution impact world history?
a) His postal system was the fastest delivery system in history.
b) He was the first ruler that did not allow people to have slaves.
c) His military was the first to use bronze weapons.
d) His code of laws was the first written code that applied to everyone.

When many people changed from hunter-gatherers to farmers, the world population
a) decreased because the crops were not nutritious
b) decreased because farming required fewer people than hunting
c) increased because people had more food to feed their families
d) increased because artisans were needed in new cities

Hammurabi was an important figure in which empire?
a) Neo-Babylonian
b) Babylonian
c) Akkadian
d) Assyrian

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