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World War Two.

What Amendment states that all citizens must be treated equally under the law?
a) 14th
b) 18th
c) 19th
d) 22nd

What executive action during World War Two violated both the Fourth and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution?
a) The interment of Japanese-Americans at relocation centers.
b) The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) The Flying Tigers successful air campaign against the Japanese air force.
d) The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What group of people was forced by AMERICA into internment camps during World War Two?
a) Japanese-Americans
b) Mexican-Americans
c) Irish-Americans
d) British-Americans

The Fourth Amendment says that the government cannot....
a) Unlawfully search and seize private property.
b) Take away American guns.
c) Violate freedom of speech.
d) Commit a cruel and unusual punishment.

The Office of War Information was in charge of creating 'promotional' advertising of the war effort that did not need to be based on facts. This is called....
a) Propaganda
b) Muckraking
c) Polarization
d) Sanctioning

What was the main criticism used against the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two?
a) It violated their Constitutional rights as U.S. citizens.
b) It would give Japanese-Americans too much political influence.
c) It would contribute too much to the deficit.
d) It would increase food production at a time of high inflation.

World War Two changed the role of women in the world forever by....
a) Encouraging them to work in jobs and learn new skills.
b) Forcing them to make War Gardens to feed the troops.
c) Giving them the right to vote.
d) Cutting down on the promiscuous clothing styles that they had gotten accustomed to.

Which of the following declarations by FDR led to Japanese Americans being rounded up and placed in internment camps?
a) Executive Order 9066
b) The New Deal
c) The Holocaust
d) Court-Packing Scheme

The first air force brigade made up of African-Americans was called the....
a) Tuskegee Airmen
b) Flying Tigers
c) Navajo Code-hunters
d) War Gardens

Due to scarce supplies during the war, people in America were encouraged to grow food at home. These efforts were called...
a) War Gardens
b) Happy Meals
c) Ration Books
d) Feed the Forces

Who was dictator of Germany during World War Two and leader of the Nazi Party?
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Josef Stalin
c) Vladimir Putin
d) Chairman Mao

What was the name of efforts for controlling the limited supply of food in America domestically?
a) Rationing
b) Shortening
c) Volunteerism
d) Propaganda

What group of volunteer fighter pilots led the charge against Japan early on in World War Two?
a) Flying Tigers
b) Navajo Code Talkers
c) Tuskegee Airmen
d) The Red Baron Militia

Who was the President of the United States during World War Two?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Calvin Coolidge

Who were the leaders of Britain and Russia, respectively, during World War Two?
a) Churchill and Stalin
b) Roosevelt and Hitler
c) Mussolini and Miyamoto
d) Churchill and Roosevelt

A totalitarian leader who has full control over the government is a....
a) Dictator
b) Monarch
c) President
d) Theocrat

One of the main reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was an American ban against selling the Japanese...
a) Oil
b) Computers`
c) Atomic Bombs
d) Rice

Britain, France and the United States made up the....
a) Allied Powers
b) Axis Powers
c) Soviet Union
d) Central Powers

Germany, Japan and Italy made up the...
a) Axis Powers
b) Allied Powers
c) Grand Alliance
d) Soviet Union

Japan forced American entry into World War Two by attacking a military site in what Hawaiian location?
a) Pearl Harbor
b) Guam
c) The Phillipines
d) Midway

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