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to stick or hold fast; to carry something
a) adhere
b) stick
c) burden

to roar as a bull does; to shout in a deep voice
a) shout
b) bellow
c) yell

to strike or bump together with violent direct
a) collide
b) crash
c) jam

to avoid or escape from, by using skill, cunning, or
a) evade
b) elude
c) escape

to cause to be overcome with
a) flabbergast
b) astonish
c) crazy

the killing of one person by another
a) murder
b) homicide
c) burden

clever at devising or making; inventive; creative
a) clever
b) smart
c) ingenious

a strong attraction, charm, or enticement; a decoy
a) lure
b) bait
c) catch

a formal address or speech, usually given on a special occasion.
a) oration
b) speech
c) understand

to return like for like especially evil for evil
a) retaliate
b) imagine
c) steady

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