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What two acts caused protest in the colonies?
a) Sugar and Stamp Act
b) Bear and Fur Act
c) Metal and Steel Act

Define minutemen
a) hired soliders of the colonies
b) citizens who fourht the British at Lexington and Concord
c) men who had a gun reaction time of a minute

Why did the colonist resent the Tea Act?
a) they did not like tea
b) it gave power of the tea to the French
c) It established a British monopoly on tea

What did the 1767 Townshend Act do?
a) made it where French could not import goods
b) Made it where British only taxed imports into the colonies
c) Made it where all were taxed on all goods imported and exported

What was the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence?
a) to keep Spain informed of colonist actions
b) to keep Britian informed of colonist actions
c) to keep colonist informed of British actions

What happened during the Pontiac's war?
a) The French surrendered
b) over 700 million colonist were killed
c) the leader of the Ottawa nation helped start an all-out attack on the British

How did the colonist feel after the French and Indian War?
a) regret of having teamed up with the British
b) they felt seperate from Britian
c) they felt seperate from the Native Americans

What two groups surrounded the soldiers duringt the Boston Massacre?
a) the workers and sailors
b) the workers and slaves
c) the sailors and malitia

What are the requirements of the Stamp Act?
a) it required colonist to desgn stamps of their family crest
b) it required colonist to buy stamps to put on legal documents
c) it required colonist to buy stamps to mail letters

Why did the colonist resent the Stamp Act?
a) they did not feel Britian had the right to tax them
b) they did not feel they should be made to make stamps
c) they did not feel France had a right to tax them

Define boycott
a) an organized compaign to refuse to buy certain products
b) to refuse to buy coffee
c) to refuse to purchase tea from England

What did the Proclamation of 1763 declare?
a) that the colonist could only live along the east coast
b) colonial settler had to remain east of the Appalachians
c) colonial settlers had to return to England if they could not pay taxes

What turned the tide in favor of the British?
a) new technology
b) New and Better leadership
c) new regiments of soldiers

What event was the key to the French's defeat?
a) British attack on Paris
b) British Attack on Quebec
c) British Attack on Montreal

Where the British successful in the beginning of the French and Indian War?
a) the British suffered several defeats in the beginining
b) the British celebrated many victories in the begining of the war
c) the British did not join the war until the very end

Why did the Iroquois at Albany refuse to make an alliance against the French?
a) they expected the British to defeat the Native Americans in the war
b) they expected the French to defeat the Native Americans in the War
c) they expected the French to defeat the British in the war

Why did the colonial assemblies reject the Albany Plan?
a) they did not like the phrasing of the document
b) they wanted control over their own taxes and armies
c) they wanted control over their own taxes

What started the French and Indian War?
a) The Indians hate the French settlers
b) British settlers pushed west into French and Native American lands
c) French settlers pushed west in to Native American lands

What was the Albany Plan of Union set to accomplish?
a) a way for the English colonies to work together
b) a way for the French colonies to work together
c) a way for the native americans to work with the English colonies

Define militia
a) military force
b) military force made up of civilians trained as soldiers
c) retired solidiers

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