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Find density: Mass=85 grams Volume= 65 mL
a) a) 1.30 g/mL
b) b) 5.4 g/mL
c) c) 1.9 g/mL
d) d) 2.1 g/mL

To calculate density, you must know the ___________ and __________.
a) a) mass and volume
b) b) size and shape
c) c) weight and length
d) d) mass

If you cut a piece of wood in half, the density
a) a) will increase.
b) b) will decrease.
c) c) will stay the same.
d) d) can't be determined.

Which of the following would have a high mass but a small volume?
a) a) a balloon
b) b) a flower
c) c) a brick
d) d) an elephant

Which method would be used to determine the density of an object?
a) a) Compare the mass and weight.
b) b) Measure the mass and divide by the volume
c) c) Measure the volume and multiply by the mass
d) d) Measure the length and width and multiply by two.

Two blocks of wood are the same size, but one floats and one sinks. This is because the have different
a) a) masses and different densities
b) b) volumes and different densities
c) c) volumes but the same densities
d) d) masses but the same density

Which pile has the greatest volume?
a) a) a 1 kg pile of feathers
b) b) a 1 kg pile of dirt
c) c) a 1 kg pile of rocks
d) d) a 1 kg pile of sugar

The amount of matter in an object is
a) a) mass.
b) b) weight
c) c) density.
d) d) volume.

The amount of space an object takes up is
a) a) mass
b) b) weight
c) c) density
d) d) volume.

When a rock is placed into a container of water, the water level rises. Which characteristic of the rock is being measured?
a) a) how much matter it contains
b) b) the amount of potential energy in it
c) c) the amount of gravity pulling on it
d) d) how much space it takes up

When using a balance you are measuring the _________ of an object.
a) a) volume
b) b) density
c) c) mass
d) d) water displacement

The density of fresh water is
a) a) 0.8 g/mL
b) b) 1.0 g/mL
c) c) 1.4 g/mL
d) d) 19.3 g/mL

If an object has a greater density than water, it will ___________ if placed in water.
a) a) float
b) b) sink
c) c) can't be determined
d) d) depends on how big it is

You find a rock. It's mass 25 grams. It displaces 5 mL of water when you put in a graduated cylinder. What is the density of the rock? Will it sink of float?
a) a) 0.5 g/cm3 .......... it will float
b) b) 0.5 g/cm3 ........... it will sink
c) c) 5 g/cm3 ............. it will float
d) d) 5 g/ will sink

You have a rectangular prism made of metal. You measure the length, width, and height. What are you able to calculate with these measurements?
a) a) mass
b) b) volume
c) c) density
d) d) not enough information given

The density of a rectangle is 5.5 g/cm3 , the mass is 35 g. What is the volume of the rectangle?
a) a) 6.9
b) b) 5.5
c) c) 6.36
d) d) 5.0

When a rock is placed in a graduated cylinder, the water level rises from 20 mL to 44 mL. What is the volume of the rock?
a) a) 12 mL
b) b) 20.2 mL
c) c) 24 cm3
d) d) 64 cm3

You find a piece of wood floating in a lake. You break the wood into pieces. When you put them back in the water,
a) a) the small pieces float and the larger pieces sink.
b) b) the small pieces sink and the larger pieces float.
c) c) all of the pieces float
d) d) all of the pieces sink

A person measures the volume of block of wood to be 50 cubic centimeters. The mass of the block is 145 g. What is the density?
a) a) 1.5
b) b) 3.5
c) c) 2.0
d) d) 2.9

You find a piece of metal. It's mass is 5.4 grams. It has a volume of 2 cm3. What is the density? Will it sink or float?
a) a) 2.7 g/cm3 ............ it will sink
b) b) 3.4 g/cm3 ........... it will sink
c) c) 2.7 g/mL ............ it will float
d) d) 10.8 will sink

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