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When you picture things in your mind after you read
a) Predicting
b) Analyzing
c) Visualizing
d) Infering

Who/What, did what, and how? Asking these questions will help you find the
a) Inference
b) Supporting Details
c) Main Idea
d) Prediction

The type of genre a book is where there is aliens in outer space and it takes place in the future.
a) Science Fiction
b) Historical Fiction
c) Fairy Tale
d) Tall Tale

When you read a story and then shorten it into your own words you are
a) inferring
b) predicting
c) summarizing
d) compare and contrast

When you find what is the same and what is different between things you are
a) inferring
b) predicting
c) finding the main idea
d) comparing and contrasting

Smart Readers
a) just read the text
b) skim the text to find answers
c) Write their thinking down on the text while they read
d) Give up

An inference is when you
a) Scream
b) Make Questions
c) Use background information and clues the authors give you to make a good guess.
d) Use your sensory images (visualize)

When you give a claim you should always have
a) Evidence
b) Just give a claim and that's all.
c) Jelly
d) Peanut Butter

A story writtne by someone about themselves is
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) autobiography
d) biography

A story written by someone about someone else is
a) biographys
b) autobiography
c) prediction
d) inference

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