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What is the name of the chocolate milk colored soil that can be found in rivers that is good for farming called?
a) Silt
b) Topsoil
c) Paydirt
d) Peat

What does the term Mesopotamia mean in Greek?
a) The land of plenty
b) The land of the fertile valleys
c) Between the rivers
d) The land of conflict

What region is larger? Fertile Crescent or Mesopotamia?
a) Fertile Crescent
b) Mesopotamia

What modern day country is Mesopotamia located in?
a) Syria
b) Iraq
c) Iran
d) Turkey

What are the names of the 2 famous rivers of Mesopotamia?
a) Indus and Saraveseti Rivers
b) Nile and White Nile Rivers
c) Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
d) Po and Tiber Rivers

What direction did the floods come from in Mesopotamia?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

What is another term that is sometimes used to describe the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia?
a) Asia Minor
b) Atlantis
c) Cradle of Civilization
d) Pangaea

What continent is Mesopotamia on?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) North America

What is the term used to describe a city area?
a) Rural
b) Urban
c) The Boonies
d) Timbuktu

What does the term fertile mean?
a) Able to support life
b) Violent
c) A wild area
d) Home

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