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What do the 3 G's of exploration stand for?
a) Gophers, Golf, and Grass
b) Great Goodies Garage
c) Great Green Grass
d) God, Gold, and Glory

15th century to the 18th century was known as (1450-1700)
a) 20th Century
b) Golden Age
c) Age of Exploration
d) Stone Age

What were the indirect causes of WWI?
a) assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
b) Take over of Poland
c) MAIN-Militarism, Alliance, Imperialism, and Nationalism
d) Hitler's concentration camps

What were some of the effects of exploration on the indigenous people?
a) Forced the indigenous people to learn the explorers language
b) Forced the indigenous people to follow their Christian religion
c) Brought deadly diseases that killed a lot of indigenous people.
d) All of the above

Samuel de Champlain sailed for France, what did he discover?
a) bears
b) Quebec
c) Aztecs
d) Brazil

What European nation colonized Australia and made it a prison colony?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Italy
d) Spain

How did technology help sailors find North America?
a) by allowing them to explore more sea routes
b) by showing them direction of the wind
c) by showing them where other ships were
d) did not help them

What was the cause of the huge decrease of the Aborigines in Australia?
a) James Cook's voyages exposed them to diseases and warfare.
b) slave traded them to other countries
c) drowned them all
d) sold them to other tribes

Who was the explorer who sailed for Spain and is given credit to be the first to circumnavigate the world?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) John Cabot
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Samuel de Champlain

Who was the Italian explorer that sailed for Spain, landed in the New World, thought he was in Indies and called the people there Indians?
a) Hernan Cortes
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) James Cook
d) Christopher Columbus

Who was the Portuguese explorer that sailed around Africa to Asia for the Spice Trade?
b) Vasco da Gama
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Prince Henry

Why did Spain and Portugal believe they could legally claim land in South America?
a) England granted them permission
b) Roman Empire granted them permission
c) Ottoman Turks granted them permission
d) The Pope gave Spain and Portugal permission to take land.

Who did Prince Henry send to work on the Sugar cane plantations in Brazil?
a) Indians
b) slaves from Africa
c) sailors
d) explorers

What was Prince Henry known as?
a) Prince Henry the Great
b) Prince Henry the Explorer
c) Prince Henry the Navigator
d) Prince Henry the Sailor

Who started the School of Navigation?
a) Prince Henry
b) Columbus
c) Magellan
d) Vasco de Gama

Europeans divided Africa into colonies at the Berlin West Africa conference that became known as
a) the Scramble for Africa
b) Great Africa Divide
c) African Union
d) African European Collaboration

How did Catholicism become a main religion in South America?
a) brought to South America by Spanish Missionaries
b) brought to South America by the French
c) It was already there
d) brought by slaves

What is one reason English settlers began immigrating to the New World?
a) for better economic opportunites
b) make new friends
c) seek warmer climate
d) to find turkeys

The English regulated their colonies with the economic policy of
a) Mercantilism
b) forgiveness
c) Fedualism
d) Communism

Aborigines, Aztecs, Incas, Inuit, and Indians all are referred to as
a) arrogant
b) Indigenous
c) planters
d) slaves

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